February 22, 2011

Womanhood - A Celebration!

Being born to an empowered mother, getting a sense of a woman's worth of existance was not rocket science for me. As a teenager, I found a broader purview on the importance of a woman's role in this planet earth. As I gazed more, the many number of roles with which a woman gracefully drapes herself was worth a single fact for me to be proud of being a woman!

The roles of a woman is pretty much similar in a global perspective but the perspective on the roles of Indian women is a bit more special when compared to the global scene.
The roles an Indian women is playing since ages, as a daughter, mother, wife, daughter-in-law and grand mother has had its own flavour and has embedded itself in the indian soil so deeply that every line an indian woman has drawn while fulfilling her roles has become a culture in every Indian house.

Indian women have been playing a multi-dimensional role from ages, but the beauty is that these roles have gotten richer and richer like the silk which looks stunning when the colour is deepened.

As a daughter who becomes a support system to her parents, she is today holding her parents and the rest of the family in her arms even after getting into the commitment of marriage. Though it is believed by many that a woman's relationship with her family ends with marriage, today's Indian women have started the legacy of standing up for their families and holding both their families in their hands compassionately.

As a Wife she probably is the best gift ever received by a man in his lifetime, a precious gift which needs to be cherished forever and an Indian woman today has become a symbol of commitment to write a story of happy married life. As a homemaker, an Indian woman becomes the heart of the family. Can we imagine a day without a homemaker at home? Probably the television program Wife bina Life on Star Plus throws good insight on this subject. As a working woman an Indian woman places herself so admirably. It may seem to the world that being a working woman life must be tough but not many of us know the content and happiness an Indian woman enjoys when she has worked in and out of the house and sleeps with a content that her day didn't go waste.

As a Mother she is the apple of the eyes of her children and as a Grand-ma she is the most lovable member of the family.

It is a tough job to address a particular angle or a role played by a an Indian Woman. As I said, with time and the passing years, the indian women have been adding colour to their roles and pallette just gets more colourful!

Being a woman is a celebration!
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May 18, 2010

Surprising Kolar!

This was probably the most desired getaway as far as I know. Well, needless to say it was worth a shot... Visiting Kolar was a real surprise.

This was the first time we left just 15 minutes late than expected :) Blessed were we to zoom away from the early morning hustle bustle of Namma Bengalooru… leaving early has its upside, just like the chill experience of driving through the thick drapes of fog and opening your eyes to the rising sun who seemed to be pour his warm light on the bed of fog over the lake… that really was an inspiration beginning to a new day!

We zoomed quickly and halted at Hoskote to satisfy craving coffee lovers in our group. I am an anti-coffee and probably that’s why I got to notice something elegant besides the little chai shop. A small hardworking group of old, young and the little ones making “Chandrike” silk worm breeding frames made of bamboo. These guys were already sweating at work around 8! This was an impressive learning experience about their knits and speed! The “Chandrike” seemed to have stolen the show under the bright Sun.. yes, she did!

It didn’t take us long to enter the soothing lands of Kaivara, the experience was similar to entering Nandi Hills, except for that there were loads of vendors selling self produced most fresh veggies at the entrance.

Kaivara is around 65 kms from Bangalore. Kaivara has immense history attached to it. It is believed that The Pandavas of India's greatest epic lived here during their vanavasa and Bheema, one of the brothers has established a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva the Bheemalingeswara temple.

I personally was keen on the cave temples I had heard so much of. After a quick tasty “halli mane breakfast” we headed towards Ambajji Durga cave temples on Kailashgiri. The massive white rocks were welcoming! The name Kailashgiri seemed apt. It was a quick walk uphill and view from the top hill was worth it. I was amazed to see the immense hard-work that had gone into carving out the temples! This was something!

Walking through these cave temples was an amazing feeling… just to know that you we’re “inside” a huge rock was an out of the world feeling! Honestly, I had a heavy heart to walk out of this gorgeous palace of rocks!

After experiencing this amazing piece of art on rock we headed towards Antharagange.
Antharagange is around 2 hours journey from Kailash Giri. The drive was a superb country side experience! Picking tamarind, driving over the ragi crops laid on the ro
ads, mulberry leaves, carrots, phew! The list goes on… so fresh… so green…

Reaching this place was a real good physical exercise and saving our food from the large (now that’s an understatement) family of monkeys. One has to climb thousands of steps to reach to the temple but walking through these shola forests was soothing to the mind and soul… That’s the magic of mother nature..

It was noon by the time we reached Antharagange. Antara Gange is a mountain situated in the Shathashrunga mountain range. Antara Gange literally means "Ganges from deep" in Kannada and is also known as Dakshina Kaashi.

Antara Gange is famous for the Kashi Vishweshwara temple situated on the top of the mountain. In the temple is a pond which gets a continuous flow of underground water from the mouth of a Basava (stone bull) but nobody knows the source of water or the place from where it originates. Water is seen streaming out throughout the year! This water is considered as holy water and flows into a pond besides the temple.

It was sad to see that this pond, which otherwise could have looked wonderful, was spoilt by the lack of civic sense amongst people washing themselves with soap! Our groups started sharing a common joke that probably these guys were desperate to scrub off all their sins forever and that too with branded soaps!!

We’ll I had had a lot of exercise by then, I decided to back out and except me my other mates went ahead to check out the seven villages on top of the mountain. The mountain contains volcanic rocks and lot of caves around. They took the narrow path to the top of the mountain and it took them around an hour and a half to climb up and down. I was told that they were not able to complete the climb to see the streams. We termed it mission unaccomplished :) and I could read on their face that probably it was quite a climb!

Hmm meanwhile, what was I doing all alone? I was researching on the behavior patterns of immense monkeys there, and yes, not to forget, even some men who behaved like monkeys! Probably even worse! Phew! During my wait, I also had a chance to see people, specially children between the age of 8 and 16 collecting water in plastic cans and selling them down the hill. It was amazing to see these little boys carry two cans on their little shoulders numerous number of times up and down the hill but it was also sad that this natural resource was getting cashed on.

Another trouble to the eyes was the lack of civic sense in tourists is gradually spoiling the beauty of this wonderful place. Plastic bags and liquors seemed to have strewn everywhere on the hill. It is probably high time that environmentalist and general public take up initiative instead of waiting for the authorities concerned to take up appropriate measures to conserve the glory of this hill.

Time was ticking away quickly! After having a cheap yet tasty lunch in a Dhaba on the highway, we went ahead to visit the temple This town is famous for the saint called Narayanappa or popularly known as Kaivara Thatayya.He lived here during the last half of eighteenth century and first half of nineteenth century. Thatayya was a bilingual poet. The temple has very interesting architecture, simple and neat. There was a sense of peace and tranquility which lies above any religion…

After experiencing the highest level of peace we headed towards the “tapovana” a huge park of flora and fauna maintained by the Forest Dept. There was nothing much to see, but it made all justice for a lovely evening walk!

Our time plan was a superhit… we left on time after shopping the green fresh veggies!
I spent my time in solitude… thinking about all the wonderful moments tha
t past by…it was a day to remember… a date with nature….

February 1, 2010

A Birthday....

just the first day of another amazing
journey around the Sun !

Here I go!

October 22, 2009

The Missing Drop

Me in 2008 -
Dreaming of Nilgiris! With a wandering mind around the fresh air, the soothing greenery, the sharp sunlight, the twinkling stars, the shining dew, the blue mountains... imagining breathing in beauty every moment... hmmm truly amazing!..

I went through this state of fantasy, trying to feel the cool breeze kissing my cheeks all along last year's TFN when my best buddy was cycling around the mystic, cool breeze draped Nilgiris!

Me in 2009 -
Still with a wandering mind around the blue mountains but with a difference! Attempting to take a leap into reality and embrace nature through TFN using my blogger brain!

Tour of Nilgiris is the most charming and serene concepts I've come across. It’s a beautiful saga of getting close to every bit of nature! Last year's excitement and enthusiasm of folks in and around the city, determined to sweat it out for quite an amount of time, meeting nature and her splendid pieces of art, was quite an eye opener for people who thought, cyclist never existed! I loved TFN for bringing in that difference.

It’s not been quite long since I wrote a post on "End of the World" with an angry and agitated feeling, like a child, towards all those who have and still are abusing nature without guilt; I got alerts about the TFN official blogger contest! Life rarely throws the best at us, but when it does, it’s wise to grab it!

To me, this opportunity to try and eventually if I am considered to be worth it, being an official blogger of TFN does not just mean winning the exciting goodies and going on an all expense paid tour! More than anything else, it would mean to write my heart out and be a part of this "green revolution" that's slowly has started making a difference in a big way! Its a panorama of a life time to go through an enchanting experience of sharing my time and energy with all the wonderful people who have turned their face off from all that's in opposition to nature and on their voyage towards helping masses understand an enjoyable way of impressing nature!

Being a part of TFN by cycling my way is the best favour I can do myself but god's blessed me with a weight on the heavier side :) So, gathering my best text and sharpening my lens for splendid captures is the next best mission I am on!

Like Mother Teresa said, we feel that we do is just a drop in the ocean but the ocean would be less because of that missing drop. I believe TFN is the ocean and hope "I" am the missing drop!

Cheers :)

October 10, 2009

End of the World! 2012

We've been surrounded with mysterious, exciting (with reference to Atlantis and Lemuria!), scary, unbelievable facts revolving around the concept called "End of World" in a couple of years from now. I've stood amidst various groups of people sharing and discussing this "vision" that many elements put together, have been predicting! The discussion is pretty hot and continuous for all eternity most of the time, I must tell you! Phew! But, not a single soul did say - "Let's plant more trees", "Let's re-cycle whatever possible", "Let's try and save our natural resources", "Let's go cycling to work or let's use public transport anymore" or any other sentence that would give solace to this bleeding mom.

But why the surprise? why is the hype? Weren't we aware that the nature finds her own way to balance troubles we continuously pose on her? We were and we still are, but ignoring and moving on with our comfortable lives is just so easy!!!

There are many little ways in our daily lives we could contribute to a nice earth. But leave aside taking our own initiatives helping mom earth, most of us don't even join hands!!

Ask me, don't look forward to an Official End of Earth. Just Look Around You.

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May 27, 2009

Just Married!
Will be back soon :)

April 22, 2009

April 10, 2009

A Musical Tag :)

Ajey says - You r tagged!
Me - Excitied! :)

Thanks for tagging me to share my favourite songs Ajey! It surely is a pleasurable job to share favourite songs specially when somebody wants me to share! :)

Music somehow forms a huge portion of my soul and life... for me, living without music is just something next to impossible! [Like an addict?] and not a single day passes without me having listened to atleast an approximate of 20 songs at least! I immediately started blogging as soon as I read Ajey's comment and everything above should explain why? :)

Language has never been a barrier to me to reach out to good music and enjoy it irrespective of wheather i understand or no.. any good piece of music can excite me without effort! I have never had any specific songs as my favourite, instead any song i like gets to be my favourite and that easily gets me comments from R saying "Oh! any song you listen to is your favourite or what? how is that possible?" :) ... here are some the best from my juke box of favourites :) Its gonna be long!!!

# Haadu haledyadaadarenu - Manasa Sarovara
# Baare Baare - Nagara Haavu
# Karpoorada gombe - Nagara Haavu
# Beladingalaagi Ba - Huliya haalina mevu
# Neera bittu nelada mele - Hombisilu
# Jeeva veene - Hombisilu
# Baanallu neene - Bayalu daari
# Hovondu bali bandu - Shubha Mangala
# Ondu munjaavinali tunturina sone male - Bhaava geethe by B.R. Chaya
# Ede tumbi haadidenu - Bhaava geethe
# Elli jaaritho manavu - Bhaava geethe
# Amma ninna yedeyaaladalli - Bhaava geethe by B.R. Chaya
# Teredide mane - Hosabelaku
# Neenu banda mele thaane - Krishna
# Anisuthide - Mungaaru Male
# Gelathi Gelathi - Amruthadhaare
# Minchaagi - Gaalipata
# Maatinalli helalaarenu - Bombaat
# Navapallaviya - Yuga yugagale saagali
# Ee sange - Geleya
# Hoovin baanadanthe - Birugaali

# Tumko dekha to ye khayaal aaya - from Saath Saath by Jagjit Singh
# Aur Ahista keejiye baatein - by Pankaj Udhas
# Lag jaa gale ke phir yeh haseen raath ho na ho - from Wo kaun thi by Latha Mangeshkar
# Tu jahan jahan chalega - from Mera Saaya by Latha Mangeshkar
# Musafir hoon yaaron - from Parichay by Kishore Kumar
# Rimjhim Gire Saawan - from Manzil by Kishore Kumar
# Na jaane kyun - Choti si baath by Latha Mangeshkar
# Tera chehera hai - Jagjit Singh
# Shaam se aankh mein nami si hai - Jagjit Singh
# Ek Ajnabee Haseena Se - Bas Yun Hi
# Yahi hota hai pyaar - Namastey London
# Aaoge jab tum - Jab we met
# Seekho na - Shubha Mudgal
# Yeh Honsla - Dor

# Enna Thavam - Parthiban kanavu
# Pachai nirame - Alai Payuthey
# Vennilave Vennilave - Minsaara Kanavu
# O Vennila - Kaadhal Desham
# Ennavale - Kaadhalan
# Nila Kaikirathu - Indira
# Poovukul - Jeans
# Margali Poove - May Madham
# Vaseegara - Minnale
# Anal Maelae - Varanam Aayiram
# Nenjukkul Peithidum - Varanam Aayiram
# Mundhinam - Varanam Aayiram

as I mention above.. There are Many Many More!! :)
Thanks again Ajey! This was fun! :) I travelled back and forth my memory... really! Music is not just an element of entertainment.. its a lot more emotional..

Pallavi &

February 14, 2009

Remembering St. Valentine....

Since the time 've realized that there is a "Valentine's Day" in the world I live in, I am made to understand (probably most of us!) by a large number of elements (well we know who they are) that Valentine's day revolves around cards, soft toys, chocolates, finding a date... the list is endless... with due respect to everyone who believe in celebrating love on the 14th of Feb of every year, this kind of hasn't sunk in me yet....

Throughout these years 've always remembered great heart that lies behind Valentine's day... The lovely story of sacrifice and love that is draped around this amazing day...

The origin of St. Valentine, and how many St. Valentines there were, remains a mystery. The first representation of Saint Valentine appeared in the Nuremberg Chronicle (1493); alongside the woodcut portrait of Valentine the text states that he was a Roman priest martyred during the reign of Claudius II, known as Claudius Gothicus. He was arrested and imprisoned upon being caught marrying Christian couples and otherwise aiding Christians who were at the time being persecuted by Claudius in Rome. Helping Christians at this time was considered a crime. Claudius took a liking to this prisoner -- until Valentinus tried to convert the Emperor -- whereupon this priest was condemned to death. He was beaten with clubs and stoned; when that didn't finish him, he was beheaded outside the Flaminian Gate. A roman catacomb and an ancient church dedicated to Saint Valentine unearthed by Archeologist speaks of St. Valentin'e existence. In 496 AD Pope Gelasius marked Feb 14th as a celebration in honour of his martyrdom for love...

I just want to celebrate Valentine's Day by saying....
Dear Saint Valentine, Glorious Martyr, Teach me to love unselfishly and to find great joy in giving... Enable all true lovers to bring out the best in each other in God...

May St. Valentine intercede for every heart that shares true love...