September 17, 2007


Oh god! This was a complete laugh riot! I could see some people almost falling off their seat laughing :) Not an exaggeration at all! Don't Miss!

September 14, 2007

gaNesha habbada prayukta ondu joke!

Amazing big big blots of rain last night (I am sorry it turned out drastic for some)... the city is totally flooded (people measuring in feets.. i think that max i heard was 3 feet :) ... traffic jams everywhere..noisy day and 'm totally tired.. its 5pm..still raining and 'm as usual stuck in a traffic jam reading Paulo Coelho's "Like the flowing river"
I hear a small conversation between two ladies behind me in the bus
Lady 1 (with all sadness and frustration) - yenamma yentha maLhe bartha idhe nenne indha
Lady 2 (with all seriousness) - ayyo mathenu ganeshanna muLgisod beDva!!!!!! :) ha ha ha..