October 24, 2008


My adorable niece :)

October 21, 2008

The funniest error message i've come across on the Internet!

October 13, 2008

Feeling Jog...

Jog falls! One of the world’s best water falls... and the wait to experience this spectacular master piece of the creator was restless for so many years…

After a lot of planning and postponing, at last! The time to go to Jog had finally arrived and that too in a jiffy (By now my readers must have sensed that making plans to see places is not cake walk for me :)

11th of October it was! After all the usual last minute chic-chic and hustle-bustle with immense joy I along with Sudha, Lakshmi, Vish and Anil headed to Shimoga, the pathway to the mighty JOG!

Jog Falls created by the Sharavathi River falling from a height of 253 meters (829 ft) is the highest plunge waterfall in India. Jog is situated at 379 kilometres away from Bangalore.

Shimoga, gave a pleasant, cool and a silky sunny morning welcome! The first interesting thing I saw was the cute little donkeys all around the bus stand. Weekends always create barriers to a lot of essential facilities and finding a lodge to freshen up was getting challenging. “Chill maadi” is something that’s always on my mind when I go out and giving that piece of gyan to Anil and Vishwa who were getting frustrated early in the morning for not have found a lodge yet, atlast we found one. Uf!

We headed towards Jog falls at 10 AM. It’s a private lobby out there. There are immense numbers of private buses that can take one to the Jog falls. Cost effective and best for budget travelers us. It took three hours for us to reach Jog falls. The pathway is lush green and a real beauty! Cool breeze and a perfect view was a treat except for the most horrible movie that was going on in the bus we were travelling in. Spoilers are a part of life and accepting this one as one of the memorable spoilers of a pleasant journey I tried fixing my concentration out of the window doing something worth while than on the movie that was made by someone who didn’t find anything better to pass his time!

Travelling was getting on our nerves, and it was noon by when we reached Jog!! That was a long wait!!

Stomach was important at this point of time and we first headed for lunch. Jog has a very aesthetic looking little friendly mass that has a line-up of little lunch homes. The Bread omelet I had here is something that ‘ll always associate with my memories of jog…

Jog falls in a beautiful story of River Sharavathi splitting up into four different tracks which are named in accordance with their perceived trajectories. Going from left to right respectively in the picture, the names and the reasons for naming are:

Raja (King): Named so because of its apparently 'dignified' and 'serene' fall.
: This stream appears out of a mass of rocks, making a tremendous amount of noise.
: Consists of a large volume of water streaming out of a small opening at a very high speed.
(Queen), also called Lady: The stream has a winding, twisting trajectory, said to resemble the movements of a female dancer.

It was time to witness the beauty!! Seeing through the naked eyes, one of world’s best waterfall was an out of the world feeling and It was spectacular to see the breath taking depth to which every single drop of water was making its way to…. The water blots just shy away to make it completely till the end… what reaches below, is just mist like water :) Probably it was not the best time to visit Jog, but we surely could conceive why jog falls is named one of the highest waterfalls in the world.

The gallery gives a perfect view of Jog and feeling the cool breeze was really a cool feeling… well just when we were thinking that this was not enough... we saw people enjoying (I thought so :) right under the falls!! That was irresistible and with all excitement, we just plunged into the incomplete (little did I know that it was incomplete before I decided to walk down… oh god!) cement pathway for people to go down to the depths of the falls.

The initial walk was real smooth and was a great feeling to view the falls, experiencing the flora and fauna besides the pathway was truly amazing. Every step below led a step closer to touching the falls! And then there was the real excitement :D No more cement pathway!!! Now it meant that if we had to reach down by getting down the huge rough uneven and merciless rocks :( I am sure it didn’t look difficult for the light weighted men and women but for a plump child like me it was something else!!! Well against all confusions and uncertainties in mind if I should make a move or no… I decided to feel the flowing down Sharavathi… Well I was sure I will be able to make it to the depths but was dead sure its going to be next to impossible for me to reach back the gallery.

With immense help and care from Anil & Vishwa (poor guys) I was getting down the hills with great difficulty. By now all the excitement was evaporating and now what’s flora and fauna? :( I must admit.. by now I really wasn’t enjoying… Something stupid really put my mood off and quietly I was getting closer…

At last! I was there… I looked up.. the sky and the huge and tall mountains splashing out water made a perfect picture!

Along with me were Anil , Vishwa and Sudha all excited to plunge into the water and “boosting” my spirits to “Climb” further to reach the green waters.

Well it was tough again but thanks to these guys I was able to experience one of best and beautiful moments of my life surrounded by magically carved huge guys all around me… The sun was bright.. cool waters… soothing breeze.. this was heavenly…. All this was a perfect mixture to pep me up again and I was in smiles again :)

Watching the scenic beauty is a real excitement… Feeling Jog falls from so near is just good luck and taking in all what I could was just the perfect thing I was doing besides the “jogada gundi” The rocks on which the water painlessly flows are just amazing… It gives a true feeling that these were really carved by a magician somewhere many years ago.. so real.. so true.. so beautiful… The rainbow colours that formed between the rocks and the water was just gorgeous left me wanting for more…

Vishwa had a great time swimming away to whatever extend he could and exhibiting his bravery by climbing huge black rocks! (Well he did confess he was feeling giddy he he ) Anil was stuck between “should I or should I not” and decided to spend his moments on the banks of the pool…. So did sudha.. and I (the most un-adventurous of out of them all) just wet my legs :D

It was time to get back and truthfully… I just wanted to stay there… The thought of climbing back another 945 feet was a big No No!!! There was no choice.. :( I had to go back :D Vishwa and Sudha were quick in enough to go up the hills and stuck with me was Anil (Poor guy once again :)

Something funny here was the Rs.14/- :) All four us, the genius bunch forgot to carry money with us, budgeting around how much water or lime juice we could buy to survive till we reach up. That was real poverty :) ya ya we did manage :)

Going up was stressful as expected but with Anil’s helping hand I was able to sail through! :) (what are friends for then? :) with at least 5, 10 min long restful time :) I waiting to reach the cement path way and when I did I was so so sooooo happy!!!!!

The moments I was close to the gallery was real exciting and I was feeling a strange tint of happiness within. As per Anil it was the feeling of achievement… well I hope it was :) Joining lakshmi, we headed back up advising enthusiast not to move down since it was going to get dark soon.

This whole experience took us at least four hours… all the moments I cribbed to go down and climbed up just poofed away when I looked back to see where I had been to!!! Wow! Was the perfect word I uttered :)

The “Mungaru Malhe” spot was the buzz word… being a huge GG fan I wanted to go up and see where my favorite hero had been but time was the villain. We had spent all our time feeling the depths of Jog and with that precious memories it was time to head back to namma Bengaluru.

We moved to Sagar and to Shimoga from there. Needless to say it was an awesome journey experiencing mother nature.. she really loves this place…

Dinner time! Weekends really seems to be packed in here and most of the restaurants were full… We managed to find some good food :)

“Why fear when I am here? (Pause)… Ok dear :) ‘ll remember that :)

Once again there was a weekend impact in the bus stand leading to a lot of confusions pertaining to 22:31!!! We got into the bus and that was it! Experiencing Jog falls no doubt was the most hectic and the most travelled piece of my life but when I think of the amazing piece of life I enjoyed in less than two days my heart knows it was worth it the effort… with that content I slipped into arms of sleep … Good night :)

I would like to share the photograph credits with Anil M. Lobo & Vishwanath R. Thanks Anil & Vishwa ...!!

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My first Shavige Bath :)

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