April 26, 2007

Adopt...Gain a friend and save a life!

Are you looking for a new pet? Perhaps a dog or cat? Did you know there are thousands upon thousands of homeless dogs and cats in shelters? Just because a dog or cat ends up in a shelter, does not mean it cannot make a good pet. A lot of pets end up in shelters simply because the original owners did not do their homework, did not research the breed, or mix of breeds in the dog and simply picked the wrong type of pet. OR never realized how much work a pet was, until they had one, and decided they didn't want the responsibility.

There are many reasons why one should check into getting a rescue animal FIRST when looking for a new pet. ONE, shelters out there are flooded with great pets who are just waiting for a home to love them. TWO, a rescued animal will cost you less than buying a puppy from a breeder, and THREE, you will be saving a life!

You can Adopt one cute friend from CUPA (Compassion Unlimited Plus Action) Read more about them and 'm sure u'll start respecting these wonderful people at CUPA http://www.cupabangalore.org/ or call
22947300, 22947301.

I have been to this place and believe me its just heavenly to see all these little one's...

April 22, 2007

Aquariumgendu nadiya daDada kalluGalannu aaydu tandiddene...
jatege aa nadiya meenugala kanasu matthu nenapuGalannu...
By Phoenix Ravi

"Earth Day" Are we Ready??

Today is World Earth Day and for most of us it may just pass away as one of the other days with the tick of the clock at 12 tonight.
But for Santu (as i call him) today may be a day where he felt "Hmm But i think 'm celebrating earth everyday!!"

A couple of weeks back he IM'd me on gtalk and was so happy to say that he bought a bicycle to go to office so that he can reduce atleast some amount of smoke into the environment which he probably may put in if he bought a bike!! For a while i was taken aback to hear an engineer say he bought a cycle to go to office??

I don't know how far this is going to motivate people.. but all i can do is to appreciate this champ.. Kudos to you Santu.. you are a hero buddy!!

April 18, 2007

I sometimes keep thinking, again and again, why I had failed and how could I muster up the energy and enthusiasm to try again? It seemed pointless.. I would only fail....

I saw her standing by the tree and stumbling forward to grab something she desired for... She just kept lifting her head and smiled and tried again and stumbled once more. Again she smiled, no bruised ego. She just got on and tried once more and took her first step... She didn't get the fruit but she had a smile on her face.. did she mean.. i tried!!

A lesson for me could not have been given more plainly. We don't know until we try and if we fail, we just have to try again!

Picture Courtesy : Anil M. Lobo.
Hey Anil, Thanks so much for sharing Ivola's picture with me!

April 13, 2007

Bheegi Bheegi Bheegi... Jaadugari...

Rain, Sweet Rain... Finally! It was there....
Yesterday Evening... After a long wait under the "Angry Sun"...
It was lovely watching the soothing droplets from heaven, kissing the face of the Earth...
Would it be wrong to call them Showers of Blessing?