April 22, 2007

"Earth Day" Are we Ready??

Today is World Earth Day and for most of us it may just pass away as one of the other days with the tick of the clock at 12 tonight.
But for Santu (as i call him) today may be a day where he felt "Hmm But i think 'm celebrating earth everyday!!"

A couple of weeks back he IM'd me on gtalk and was so happy to say that he bought a bicycle to go to office so that he can reduce atleast some amount of smoke into the environment which he probably may put in if he bought a bike!! For a while i was taken aback to hear an engineer say he bought a cycle to go to office??

I don't know how far this is going to motivate people.. but all i can do is to appreciate this champ.. Kudos to you Santu.. you are a hero buddy!!

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Anil M. Lobo said...

Hats off to Santu...