February 22, 2011

Womanhood - A Celebration!

Being born to an empowered mother, getting a sense of a woman's worth of existance was not rocket science for me. As a teenager, I found a broader purview on the importance of a woman's role in this planet earth. As I gazed more, the many number of roles with which a woman gracefully drapes herself was worth a single fact for me to be proud of being a woman!

The roles of a woman is pretty much similar in a global perspective but the perspective on the roles of Indian women is a bit more special when compared to the global scene.
The roles an Indian women is playing since ages, as a daughter, mother, wife, daughter-in-law and grand mother has had its own flavour and has embedded itself in the indian soil so deeply that every line an indian woman has drawn while fulfilling her roles has become a culture in every Indian house.

Indian women have been playing a multi-dimensional role from ages, but the beauty is that these roles have gotten richer and richer like the silk which looks stunning when the colour is deepened.

As a daughter who becomes a support system to her parents, she is today holding her parents and the rest of the family in her arms even after getting into the commitment of marriage. Though it is believed by many that a woman's relationship with her family ends with marriage, today's Indian women have started the legacy of standing up for their families and holding both their families in their hands compassionately.

As a Wife she probably is the best gift ever received by a man in his lifetime, a precious gift which needs to be cherished forever and an Indian woman today has become a symbol of commitment to write a story of happy married life. As a homemaker, an Indian woman becomes the heart of the family. Can we imagine a day without a homemaker at home? Probably the television program Wife bina Life on Star Plus throws good insight on this subject. As a working woman an Indian woman places herself so admirably. It may seem to the world that being a working woman life must be tough but not many of us know the content and happiness an Indian woman enjoys when she has worked in and out of the house and sleeps with a content that her day didn't go waste.

As a Mother she is the apple of the eyes of her children and as a Grand-ma she is the most lovable member of the family.

It is a tough job to address a particular angle or a role played by a an Indian Woman. As I said, with time and the passing years, the indian women have been adding colour to their roles and pallette just gets more colourful!

Being a woman is a celebration!
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