July 1, 2007

Little Professor :)

've always felt children are the most precious beings on earth.. so innocent and open to life fully... find wonder in everyday things... Anil was talkin to me about his little cousin pinchu.. who finds joy in a little cardboard box and his little pup :) He is so happy all the time sitting in that..
I know many people who just run behind things they need for a good life but yet don't have a small smile of happiness :( is his innocent sparkling eyes trying to say it takes so little to be happy in life? hmm reminds me of the tata safari ad.. it takes little to reclaim your life!


Anil said...

Good one metty

Delicia said...

that was wonderful, dear.....the way you wrote it, i had the feeling of being there myself.....so eloquent and graceful your thoughts were.......and the pictures..!! i must say whoever took them have done their job well!!