January 6, 2008

Simple Kolkata

This was the second time i was visiting this magical city and it was now Kolkata! I don't remember much of Calcutta from the last time I visited except for the exciting matka chai i had in one of the local trains...

Kolkata was a drop-in city before we left for a trip to North East of India but that surely didn't under estimate the urge to experience (how much ever possible that is) all the wonderful moments this city was just going to bless me with!

After a roller coaster ride in the Howrah Express passing through the baking ovens like AP, we reached Kolkatta on a early morning! Trust me, the first site of Howrah bridge through the little window of the train as you enter this city of joy is amazing! It was May & needless to say, I had started enjoying the hot stories of Kolkatta already :)

Its a blessing that I have my maternal uncle, Fr. Gregory Monteiro in Calcutta, who has the city and its flavour in his blood! As soon as we landed, my bro and I got picked by my uncle, and just like how Alice entered the wonderland.. I entered the Presbytery of St. Thomas Church, where my uncle serves as the Asst. Parish Priest and Youth Director of the City.

The Presbytery is an amazing building built in the colonial style. Cozy corridor, wooden staircase, wooden artefacts around, high ceilings, curvy walls.. wow! I have never seen such a thing and this feeling which I was experiencing was priceless! Everything was made with so much of taste in this place, including the handles of the windows and doors.. This was a great start to an amazing time ahead in Kolkata!

Kolkata gives an insight to life's most simplest things. A larger number of the masses do not believe in a lavish life style. Being simple is a way of life in Kolkata. Swaying my way around the city, getting into the nooks and corners of every big and small bazaar was a wonderful experience. The trams, the rosagullas, the old and mighty buildings, the metro, jam packed roads, british flavour in every other brick, football grounds, churches, blessings of mother teresa, the tongawalas who take you around on their feet, the "good luck" hour in the bazaars, the kala-khatta and the calcutta puchka are the most choicest memories i carried back!

Here is a glimpse of Kolkata through my eyes..

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