October 10, 2009

End of the World! 2012

We've been surrounded with mysterious, exciting (with reference to Atlantis and Lemuria!), scary, unbelievable facts revolving around the concept called "End of World" in a couple of years from now. I've stood amidst various groups of people sharing and discussing this "vision" that many elements put together, have been predicting! The discussion is pretty hot and continuous for all eternity most of the time, I must tell you! Phew! But, not a single soul did say - "Let's plant more trees", "Let's re-cycle whatever possible", "Let's try and save our natural resources", "Let's go cycling to work or let's use public transport anymore" or any other sentence that would give solace to this bleeding mom.

But why the surprise? why is the hype? Weren't we aware that the nature finds her own way to balance troubles we continuously pose on her? We were and we still are, but ignoring and moving on with our comfortable lives is just so easy!!!

There are many little ways in our daily lives we could contribute to a nice earth. But leave aside taking our own initiatives helping mom earth, most of us don't even join hands!!

Ask me, don't look forward to an Official End of Earth. Just Look Around You.

Current mood : Angry

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